Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bold Brows

They are often ignored or forgotten yet eyebrows have a transformative effect on your appearance. Full, bushy brows were everywhere at the Autumn/Winter catwalks which, admittedly was almost single-handedly down to the Cara Delevingne effect. Long gone, it seems are the days of plucking your every last hair - more so, the focus is on thick yet subtly groomed brows which can have an outstanding ability to highlight and lift your whole face. Personally, my favourite tweezers have got to be La Tweez - not only are they sharp and precise, but they have a built in light to help you follow your natural brow line and illuminate any stray hairs you may have otherwise missed.  Buy La Tweez Professional here
La Tweez Professional Illuminating Tweezers

The Experts: Blink Brow Bar

If you find tweezing too fiddley, then I recommend threading from Blink Brow Bar. The phrase 'you've got to suffer to be beautiful' may spring to mind as the slight pinching can be uncomfortable, however, all is forgotten when you view your perfectly sculpted and symmetrical brows. Best of all, the clean finish meant results lasted for up to 2 weeks! Book an appointment here

Famous Brows

Audrey Hepburn
Keira Knightley

Duchess of Cambridge
Penelope Cruz

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