Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sun Screened

Doutzen Kroes, British Vogue 2013
I am naturally blonde haired and fair skinned so I unfortunately don’t go a deep Mediterranean brown in the sun – more so a flushed beige with freckles! I found sun cream was both difficult to apply and didn’t work fast enough which often resulted in the classic ‘Brit abroad’ persona of a slightly patchy, rouged complexion. Thankfully, the new Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist has surpassed my particular concerns as not only does it immediately protect but has a refreshing cooling sensation.  Additionally the 360° valve means that it can be used from all angles (upside down, sideways, behind your back) making it easy to protect all the hard places to reach that one often misses.  Just spritz over the body for a cooling, even protection without any feeling of stickiness.Buy it here

For the face however, I like all, need something stronger.  I have noticed recently how the lines between sun care and skin care have become increasingly blurred. Many brands are bridging the gap as they realise the direct link between sun and aging, often tendering an elegant solution. My personal favourite has to be the new Estee Lauder DayWear with SPF 50. It lightly hydrates whilst providing the upmost protection to my pale complexion and I have begun to wear it every day – even in the cloudy city of London as skin damaging UV rays are present year round. Sun cream it seems has shed its reputation as simply being your beach bag essential but more appropriately as a staple in your daily skincare regime protecting you from much more than just the sun. Buy it here 

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