Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Sunday Star - Sam McKnight

Sam McKnight
A very current and relevant figure in the world of fashion and beauty - Sam McKnight is arguably the worlds greatest hairdresser. With a career spanning over 30 years, Sam has tamed the tresses of some of the most famous women. From Lady Di to Lady Gaga, his forward thinking style always produces innovative trends for our tresses and keeps him so indemand. Having created some of the most iconic fashion images of our time, it can only be predicted that his latest position as the Global Creative Director of ghd will bring further ingenious styles but now with the products and tools to achieve them at home.

Long may his inspired creativity continue...

Princess Diana, Vogue 1990
Lady Gaga, Born This Way 2011
His debut product for ghd is worth mentioning as it is one to be armed with this summer to combat the frizz and dryness that comes part and parcel with sun, sea and sand. Whether it is voluminous curls, straight, or side parts you are after - Sam shows you how versatile the new ghd Eclipse Styler is by creating 5 different looks with just that one product.

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